Sunday, February 1, 2009

They Call Him Beanie

Take 'em out back, cause he is done.

Damn people! This is how we treat our elders?!? I am now petrified to turn 30 in a few months. Some injuries and a 30 year old body has everyone screaming that Westbrook is done.

Funny, less then a year ago we were all screaming to give the man a new deal. Well to join the side of the majority, all signs should point to the Eagles using pick #21 to draft a RB. B-West can still be the MAN, but to be safe use the 1st round pick this year!!

Prior to the playoffs I was all for drafting a TE with the first pick, but Celek showed himself to be the anti-L.J. so on to the next need...the running back. And no one fits the pick better than Chris "Beanie" Wells (as a PSU fan it pains me to support anything from THE Ohio State).

But Wells has the goods.
  • 6'1'', 237 pounds
  • A 40 time of about 4.4 seconds (he can get to the outside)
  • Runs with power, shedding off the first would-be-tackler (a true run-between-the-tackles RB)
  • 30 TDs, 3382 yards in just 33 games

With that #28 pick lets get us a tackle to pave some holes for Beanie.


Anonymous said...

Westbrook is going to have a knee surgery. RB in 30 after a knee surgery? one 1st rounder has to go to RB. No question about it..

Anonymous said...

You guys are looking at years but if you look at touches he has a few more years to go yet. I think we should draft a RB in the first round but B-West will be around for a little bit longer. He will be back healthy next year and with someone to share the load with he wont get beat up bad and will play great.
Go Birds!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more about Wells. I love the kid. He would free up Westbrook to be fresher in the fourth quarter of close games. However, I think the Birds would have to move up to get him and I doubt Reid and Co. will do that.

Unknown said...

This isn't a knock on wells. It's more of the "Thunder and Lightning" combo that most teams in the NFL are seeking. The Panthers aren't regretting having both Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. So applies to LenDale White and Chris Johnson. If the Eagles had both B-West and Beanie, it would extent West's career and give the Eagles a great short yardage back.