Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yep, The Experts Are Idiots

My supporting evidence is....

Case 1 - Matt Mosley makes the following comment:

"It would make things really interesting if the Cowboys made a play for Dawkins. Seeing him in a Cowboys uniform would be deeply disturbing. But then, I seem to recall the great Harold Carmichael wearing a Cowboys uniform at the end of his career. reporter Adam Schefter is reporting that Dallas is shopping safety Roy Williams, so they could obviously have an opening."

I think I am going to throw up picturing Dawkins sporting the Cowboys' star.

Case 2 - Bucky Brooks ranks L.J. Smith as the 21st most attractive FA with the following comment:

"The oft-injured receiver teases scouts and coaches with his big-play potential. His exceptional speed and athleticism make him a matchup nightmare. He has averaged nearly 11 yards a reception over six seasons and is one of the few tight ends capable of stretching the middle of the field."

I am guessing Bucky never saw L.J. actually play.

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