Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yes Tom We Do Need WRs

So Tom Heckert thinks that the Eagles don't need upgrading at the WR position. Well Tom, I don't remember anyone asking for you to chime in. And honestly does your opinion even the eyes of most fans you are nothing more than Andy Reid's puppet.

Sometimes I think the world would be a better place if Banner, Lurie, and Heckert just kept their mouths shut.

And not that my opinion matters either, but I am going to say that the Eagles do need some more talent at WR. Sure DeSean and Curtis are nice pieces but to get to the next level we need more from the WR position.

You don't believe me just look at the game film from the Redskins' game (10-3 loss). When the opposition mans up against the Eagles' WRs at the line the smaller Curtis and DeSean can't break free. I am thinking, wait, I know, a guy like Boldin wouldn't have this problem.

Need some more problem...let's go to the numbers.

This past season the Eagles were the only team in the NFC East not to have at least 2 WRs with 35+ catches or 500 yards receiving. The Eagles' WRs were also the only team in the division to not have one player catch at least 4 TD passes.

True the Eagles like to spread the ball around to many different WRs. But when you are in a big game or need a big play, you need that stud WR to step up. Right now I am not sure the Eagles have that guy. Sure DeSean will continue to develop and get better, but he will never be that big, prototypical WR that takes an offense to the next level.

But again what do I know. The puppet says we don't need WRs.

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