Friday, March 20, 2009

The Andy Reid Comments

Isn't 16 plus weeks of press conferences enough?!? Do we really need off-season interviews with Dave Spadaro to get us even more frustrated with Reid...this fan doesn't.

So the best reaction to Reid's comments this week is just ignore them.

Reid had a chance to comment on the Dawkins' departure when it first happened. He didn't and any comments now just seem scripted and rehearsed.

I don't want to hear how the Eagles are being smart in Free Agency by not spending their money. The team has the money, spend it to get the few necessary pieces to get your team again over the NFC Championship Game hump. In 2004 you made big free agent splashes and the result was Reid's first and only Super Bowl appearance.

Save us the nonsense about how good the WRs are and that Reggie Clown is starting caliber. You are only trying to talk up the trade market for Brown. And DeSean and Curtis may be speedy, but they disappear in man-to-man coverage. Yes Andy you still need to upgrade the position.

And lastly please refrain my saying lines like "I am who I am. I do what I do" when asked if maybe you need to change your business-like approach with players. Comments like that don't fly in the real world when you talk about job improvement.

Crap, I just wasted my time and your time actually discussing this nonsense.


Rempe said...

i really don't understand you. you spend one post talking about how d jax is gonna have a break out year next year. then, the next post you bash the wr and talk about their not good enough. make up your mind already. it wasnt the wr's fault or the offense that they lost to the cards it was the d that could stop them and gave up way too many big plays.

chris klinkner said...

different writers...sometimes everything gets posted under my name...

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