Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Call It Maybe The DeSean Jackson Effect?

Face it. At this point there are only second-tier free agents left on the market (well, maybe except for FB Weaver). Don't believe me, see the Shawn Springs example.

Though we continue to clamor for the Eagles to make a move, the reality is that if significant improvements are going to be made (and the Eagles aren't in a rebuilding phase) they are going to come via trade or the draft. The more likely option would be the draft.

Prior to last season a fan would think it would be foolish to think the Eagles would trust a rookie to contribute or that the rookie would actually deliver on the field. Then along came DeSean Jackson to squash all those myths.

Jackson was a stud from the start. He started the season as the #1 WR and finished the season as the #1 offensive threat. A rookie can contribute and contribute BIG in the Eagles offense.

So onto this year's draft. I am sure one of the two first rounders will be used on a OT. The other pick then has to be used on a RB. And the Eagles need to trust that RB to play immediately. B-West is good, but B-West is also too injury prone.

Here's hoping the Eagles strike gold in back-to-back drafts!

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