Thursday, March 19, 2009

Could Reid Be On His Way Out?

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We all know the bio. Reid and McNabb are entering their 11th season as coach and QB of the Eagles.

The off-season headlines have focused on the question of McNabb's future with the Eagles. Will the team give him an extension? Would the team explore the possibility of a trade? Is it 2 more years and done for McNabb in Philadelphia? All good questions...time will tell.

With all the McNabb (and of course WR) talk this off-season Reid's future has gone undiscussed. It shouldn't if you look at Reid's current deal. Just 2 years remaining. So with 2 years remaining it is logical to think that this upcoming season would be a show me the money or show me the door season. A coach of Reid's stature doesn't deserve to go into the 2010 season clinging to a 1 year deal. The question at some point this season will be are the Eagles going to again extend Reid's contract?

Bashers of the Eagles' front office will be quick to say that Reid is the puppet running the Banner and Lurie show. Reid will be here as long as he keeps Lurie a billionaire.

But to make money you need to put a winning product on the field (otherwise the Phillies will continue to steal all the Philly fan's love and money). Sure the Eagles made the NFC Championship Game last season.. But they also needed an Oakland Miracle to simply qualify for the post season after a 9-6-1 record.

9-6-1 equals slightly above average. The past 4 seasons under Reid the Eagles have gone 33-30-1 in the regular season. Again, slightly above average. Does average warrant a new extension? Will an 11th season without a title finally be enough to convince ownership that Reid can't deliver a title? At some point even the most loyal owners need to realize a change may be necessary.

The 2009 season is a big one for the big guy. The seat may not be hot now, but each loss is sure to crank up that temperature on Reid..

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Anonymous said...

I'm an Eagle fan who lives in Arkansas (I think Im the only one.) I get really sick of all the whining Cowboy fans around here. but I must say, I gget really disgusted by the fickle talk of Philly fans when it comes to McNabb and Reid and the Eagles. It would be hard to find any coach and quarterback who could
pull off as many wins as them with such little talent on the oensive roster. What happened with one year with a top shelf receiver (TO.)? Super Bowl berth. I saw how the Phyllie fans treated Barkley (I still love him)and Iverson (I love him too) and now McNabb (he's a fighter like them). no one will ever give 110% like the aforementioned Philly athletes and no one gets more blame and lack of appreciation. Philly never won before, and with less talent we've been one of the winningest teams in the NFL this past decade (thanks entirely to Reid and McNabb). i shudder to think of what will happen to the franchise when either or both leave. Enjoy the show while it lasts. It will only get worse if they leave. I want to thank Donovan and Andy and all the players who have made being an Eagle fan what it is all about! Pride and the love of the game! And all you armchair quarterbacks get over yourselves and appreciate the hall of famers who come around once in a lifetime.