Monday, March 16, 2009

The Cutler Chatter

March Madness is upon us and this fan isn't talking about Temple or Villanova.

I am talking about some Eagles' fans throwing around the idea that the Eagles should pursue a trade for Broncos' disgruntled QB Jay Cutler. The kid wants a trade, the Eagles supposedly aren't redoing McNabb's contract...connecting the dots is easy.

Sure I agree Cutler's age (26), arm strength (there isn't a throw he can't make), and stats (4526 yards, 25 TDs last season) are very appealing. But his attitude (or at least what is being portrayed to the public) makes you instantly forget all the good surrounding Cutler.

Some fans would say the biggest knock against McNabb is that he is too sensitive to criticism. Others even question the leadership of McNabb. Well if you are one of these people Cutler definitely isn't your man. If these recent reports about Cutler are true, the kid will get eaten alive here in Philadelphia.

The kid is throwing a public tantrum over a proposed trade. Reports even have Cutler yelling at his coaches. Not exactly qualities you want in a leader. Not exactly someone you want in a locker room that just recently lost Brian Dawkins.

And what exactly has Cutler won in this league?!? He QB'd his team to an epic late season collapse to miss the playoffs and overall sports a career winning percentage of under .500. Again not stats that will win the hearts of Eagles' fans.

In the end McNabb remains the man for Philadelphia.

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