Thursday, March 19, 2009

DeSean - Don't Underestimate the Small Guy

It's a week of comparisons.

I hear the cries for Boldin and Edwards (how could one not?). You can't argue that either player wouldn't be an upgrade for the Eagles at the WR position. Both are too talented to argue otherwise.

But at the same time I bring you back to DeSean (have I mentioned he is my favorite Eagle). The kid exceeded expectations (big time!) as a rookie. The bar is now set high. I think DeSean has no problem clearing the bar in season number two.

I look no further than two other WRs small in size. Steve Smith is 5'9". I look past his rookie season because he started only one game. Year #2 for Smith was his first shot as significant playing time.

2002: 54 receptions, 872 yards, and 3 TDs
2003: 88 receptions, 1110 yards, and 7 TDs

The next example I give you is Santana Moss. Moss is 5'10''. Like Smith I look past his rookie season because he started 0 games. On to year #2.

2002: 30 receptions, 433 yards, 4 TDS
2003: 74 receptions, 1105 yards, 10 TDS

DeSean (5'9'') actually saw time in his rookie season, playing in all 16 games.

2008: 62 receptions, 912 yards, and 2 TDs

Is it unrealistic (playing in a pass heavy offense) to expect DeSean to also see a significant jump in his stats during year #2 of significant playing time? I don't.

1100 yards, 5-6 TDs in 2009-'10 seems like a damn good WR option already on the team (and even better for Banner, he is still working on his cheap rookie contract).


Anonymous said...

Yeah DeSean is one of my favorite players too. The guy is a player with too much natural ability to ever slump. If he can add some muscle like 7-10 lbs to that frame in the offseason we have a pro bowl WR.

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i regret that. please delete.

Anonymous said...

I have got to agree. DeSean is the man! Although I don't see his actual production growing by much, as every man and his dog will be ganging up on him. As for the two options suggested to strengthen the WRs - I wouldn't entertain either of them. I expect the Eagles will draft somebody to fill the role of a big WR. I watched some tape the other day of somebody the Eagles could use - the name escapes me but he did seem like a very good fit. If I remember the name I'll let you know.