Friday, March 20, 2009

Donte and Charles

Two ex-Philadelphia athletes. One an all-time great. The other, well he did have a few great moments.

Charles Barkley and Donte’ Stallworth. Unfortunately we are talking about them for all the wrong reasons this week. Drinking and driving, and in the case of Stallwoth, you can add man slaughter to the list.

The report came out yesterday that Stallworth’s blood-alcohol concentration was 0.12 percent when he hit and killed a pedestrian over the weekend. This level is above the legal limit. In short, Stallworth is in a whole lot of trouble.

There are few bigger fans of Barkley than this guy. I loved Charles with the Sixers, was happy to see him win an MVP with the Suns, and still love the humor and insight that he brings to TNT and commercials. But his comments last week regarding drinking and driving some 100 times are inexcusable.

Come on Charles, think before you speak and act (yes we know you aren't a role model). A 3 day jail sentence may seem like a joke to you for drinking and driving, but Stallworth has shown us once again that such actions are no laughing matter.

We love to love our pro athletes. But it is weeks like this that you wish some of them would grow up a bit and realize that they aren't above the law and there are consequences for their actions.

In the case of Stallworth someone else got the worst of those consequences.

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