Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Eagles Being Good, Of Course Not Great

I am not an advocate of spending money just to spend money, but I can't be the only fan thinking that the Eagles aren't doing enough in Free Agency (so far) to improve the team.

I am thinking that the Eagles Front Office is forgetting that they were only a 9 win team last season. I thinking that the Eagles Front Office is forgetting that without a Oakland miracle that the team misses the playoffs.

I am sitting here getting pissed having to read about the other NFC East teams making multiple moves to bolster their rosters. Last time I checked the NY Giants finished first last season, yet are making off-season moves like they finished last.

The Stacy Andrews signing was a good one (if he is healthy). But if you are keeping score with the other NFC East teams, the Eagles may be losing.

The Redskins nabbed the top defensive player on the market in Haynesworth. The Cowboys inked a starting LB and a decent back-up QB. And the Giants D is now down right lethal with the Bernard, Boley, and Canty signings.

It's still early, so no time for full fledged panic with the Eagles. But to me it again seems like the Eagles aren't making the moves a championship hungry team. Instead they are setting themselves up for another good, but not great season.

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InsultComicDog said...

The Skins prove every year that you can't buy a championship. Fact is, most of what is out there is not only a poor value, it's not going to help you win much. Haynesworth? Great player, when it's a contract year. I'm happy with the Eagles' DT's anyway. Housh? Please. Yet another #2. Ward? Fine, if you don't worry about how to get him enough plays when you already have Westbrook. Much of what is out there I wouldn't want at any price. Dawk got a great contract, considering his declining skills. Can you really hold it so much against the Eagles not to want to offer that much? Best wishes to him.

Now don't get me wrong, there are things that need fixing, holes that need filling. I'd like to see the Eagles take a shot at the RFA safety from Green Bay, Bigby.