Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eagles Resign Sean Considine

He just happens to be returning under the named Rashad Baker.

All kidding aside this move means nothing more than depth at the Safety position and special teams help. But one does have to wonder why the Eagles would sign a guy who the lowly Oakland Raiders didn't want and is known to get beat on the deep ball (a.k.a. what made Considine famous in the hearts of Eagles' fans).

I need a Weaver signing to cheer me up.


By this time we all have read McNabb's comments on his website regarding the departures of Thomas and Dawkins. Unlike others I am not going to over analyze the comments...glad #5 let his feelings be known. My only beef is that I wish McNabb would stop hiding behind the Internet or Internet sources to voice his opinions. Step up to the mic Donovan.

Oh yea, one piece of advice for McNabb, if you truly are unhappy and want out (which I don't believe) just follow the lead of Dan Leone and call the Eagles "Retarted." I am sure they allow the Reid kids access to Facebook in jail to pass it on to daddy. Zing...ouch!

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