Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Give Me Boldin, I Give You McNabb, And We All Win

I am going to get bashed for this, but let's roll with the fun of make-believe trades anyway. It's not like I am the first Eagles fan to dream up a trade scenario that will never happen.

If you believe the Michael Smith reports Donovan McNabb isn't the happiest camper right now. #5 wants weapons and he isn't getting them in Philadelphia.

The national reports have a mini-war brewing down in Arizona between the team and it's old, star QB, Kurt Warner. Warner wants more money and is threatening to play for the lowly 49ers.

Andy Reid used a 2nd round draft pick on Kevin Kolb. Reid is in many ways hinging his legacy on the performance of Kolb. If Kolb plays well, the big guy looks like a genius.

Boldin has repeatedly voiced his desire for a new contract from the Cardinals. No new contract means he wants out of Arizona.

So I propose to trade McNabb to Arizona for Boldin. In Arizona McNabb gets to play with the ultimate weapon in Fitzgerald. By targeting Warner the Cardinals have shown their desire for an older, veteran QB who can win now....McNabb.

Warner goes for the money and signs with the 49ers. Boldin comes to Philadelphia and the Eagles reward him with a new lucrative deal from their oodles of salary camp money. Boldin in turn makes Kolb look good. Kolb in turn makes Reid look good.

Makes sense to me. Will never happen, but makes sense. OK, time to go back to reality (sorry to of taken your time).


Anonymous said...

In other news, we just signed Godzilla to play left tckle.

chris klinkner said...

nah, Godzilla is 35 years old...never happen with the eagles

Anonymous said...

Not that it made much sense in the 1st place, but Warner resigned w/Arizona earlier today.

chris klinkner said...

yea i saw the Warner signing.

again it was just a pipe dream.

if you are an Eagles fan, dream land is the only place action occurs in the Eagles off-season plans.