Sunday, March 22, 2009

Give Me This Tight End Instead

We all thought that he would be available, but now there are true reports surfacing that Broncos TE Tony Scheffler is actually on the trading block.

Sure last years' numbers for Scheffler are impressive (40 catches, 645 yards) but with Celek already slotted as the starting TE the Eagles do not need another TE whose specialty is catching but is just a so-so blocker.

For the current make-up of the team I feel that TE Anthony Becht is a better match for the Eagles. The man is a stud blocker. The Eagles need a blocking TE to compliment Celek and that person is Becht.

Scheffler is not a Tony Gonzalez clone. Tony can catch and BLOCK. Scheffler is on the trading block because he can't block. L.J. gave us enough of that last year.

Let the bashing of the this post begin.....


justincharlesharlan said...

I agree, but Becht signed.

Bob Cunningham said...

yeah Becht signed with the Cards.

But I agree, we don't need Scheffler, even though I like him as a player.