Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Gold Standard Way

One might think I am the head of the Torry Holt fan club with all the posts I am devoting to the guy. One more, I promise...well, unless the Eagles actually sign the guy.

I just find it funny that the New England Patriots, the true Gold Standard of the NFL, find value in bringing in a veteran receiver (even if the WR is on the down side of his career). In case you missed the news, Joey Galloway signed with the Patriots today.

Would following the Patriots' way be a bad thing for the Eagles? Absolutely not. And Holt would actually be a better pick-up than Galloway.

I continue to see no reason for the Eagles not to sign Holt.


InsultComicDog said...

The Eagles need to add only one type of WR, a big guy with some suddenness, a guy who can run slants and square-ins, break a tackle on a hitch, and post up at the goal line. Another past-his-peak medium-sized guy like Housh or Holt doesn't add a whole lot, if anything.

chris klinkner said...

I agree with you Insult, but....

signing Holt is still an upgrade over Baskett or Brown. I'll take your upgrade and my upgrade.

Anonymous said...

One thing you're leaving out here is the fact that Galloway has been signed to be #3 behind Moss and Welker. They aren't asking him to come in and be that 'playmaker' their fan-base has been crying for. You're asking Torry Holt to come in and be a #1 and have DJack and Curtis reap the benefits. Completely different situations, not the right move for us.