Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good For Jeffrey

What, the country is in a recession? Funny, I just read that Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is richer this year than last. So much so that he is now a Billionaire (though he still can't fork over that $8 million to the city to save some libraries).

Whatever, good for him.

But also know that when we fans bitch and moan about how Banner and Reid need to go, we need to realize that these two jokers are reasons one and two behind Mr. Lurie's abundance of wealth. This also means that these two aren't going any where soon.

Can you blame Lurie? I can't.

If I ran a business and my employees were bringing in boat loads of cash I too would give them unlimited job security. Such is the way of the business world. And as much as we fans hate to admit it the NFL is a business (just ask Brian Dawkins).

So when you hear Lurie and Banner claim it's pedal to the metal or that they are the Gold Standard they are dead on right. They are of course referring to the money side of the game and few teams are better at that game than the Eagles.

Unfortunately for fans there are a lot of teams that are better at securing the championship that is won on the field.

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