Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hey, Don't Forget About Me - Jon Runyan

Of course all of today's headlines focus on the departure of Brian Dawkins. B-Dawk was the heart and soul of the team, a franchise great, and forever a fan favorite.

But while we mourn the loss of Dawkins I find it sad that the likely departure of Jon Runyan is receiving zero attention from the media and Eagles' fan base.

Runyan was the Eagles' iron man. The big guy played through countless injuries, culminating with a knee injury this past season that basically forced him to play on one leg. Runyan was the anchor, the heart, the OL glue during the gluttony of Championship games appearances.

If B-Dawk represented the emotion of a Philly fan, Runyan surely characterized the hard working attitude of this blue collar town. There were no sick days, no effort less than 100 percent, no public criticizing of teammates or management, and little or no praise for his efforts. Oh yea the big guy played with one hell of a mean streak.

We will miss you Brian AND Jon.


Unknown said...

AMEN. Will miss them both. And also Buck, Lito, and Considine.

Garretts said...

Big Jon might not be gone. I think the FO is waiting to see how he responds to the surgery. Any way I have nothing but respect for Jon. He did it well for years.