Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Feel Like Eagles Blogging

Let's roll...

Every player that is released isn't coming to the Philadelphia Eagles. The instant fans heard that LT Orlando Pace was released the instant fans started the rumors that Pace was on his way to the Nova Care Complex.

Come on people...the Eagles just released Tra Thomas because of his age. So let's end the Pace rumors right now. Sure he is 1 year younger than Tra, but he is more injury prone, is going to demand bigger money, and unlike Tra, he isn't coming off a season where he surrendered only 2 sacks.

I can't wait until the frenzy of rumors that will follow Torry Holt being released next week (prior to the Rams having to guarantee his 1+ million dollar roster bonus).

Next...let's save the Eagles bashing until training camp rolls around. As much as we hate the Banner Boys they do have a history of delivering for us fans. Maybe not to the level we all would like, but do you honestly think they are going to sit on 12 draft picks and $40 million in salary cap space. No!

The Eagles have the means to make some big some big waves in the trade market. And what they don't pick-up via the trade they will get in the draft. And if you an honest evaluator of talent you can't be unhappy with the moves made to date.

This fan prefers the Andrews brothers manning the tackle spots over the aging Runyan and Thomas. Sure we will miss the leadership of Dawkins, but the numbers show that Sean Jones might be an upgrade at Safety at this point in their respective careers.

Oh yea, zero Eagles' fans care that Considine, Greg Lewis, or Sheppard are history. Certainly not this fan. Buckhalter...maybe...but we never used him properly anyway.

Lastly, without Dawkins how about making DeSean Jackson the new fan favorite. The kid has talent, plays the high-profile position of WR, loves the spotlight, and is just a flat out cool dude. I guarantee you will be seeing a lot more DeSean jerseys down at the Linc next year.

So let's quit the cries of how you are done with the Eagles because so and so is gone. No you aren't. Those were just your off-season muscles talking. Once football season rolls around you will be right back to bleeding the green. When the Eagles win your weeks will still be better. When they lose your Monday morning will suck even worse.



Anonymous said...

I think if Holt gets released the Eagles should give him a good look. He has some left in the tank and they were thinking about trading for him before, so why wouldn't they want him when they can just sign him? He had almost 800 yards receiving in an offense that was killed by injuries last year.

chris klinkner said...

i agree, i would take a gamble on holt. holt and desean on the outside, curtis in the slot.