Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's True - The Eagles Still NFC East Good

Every hour of every off-season day you read and hear about how the Eagles front office is failing. How the Eagles need to sign this player, trade for this player, how they have to flat out just do something.

Well if we all (including me) exhale, take a step back, and look at the current make-up of the NFC East...well, the Eagles are still sitting pretty.

For starters the Cowboys and Redskins were sitting home during the playoffs so one could easily assume that these 2 teams have the most work to do. Fortunately for the Eagles, they really haven't been doing all that much...


- Gone Are: LB Kevin Burnett, DE Chris Canty, CB Anthony Henry, QB Brad Johnson, CB Adam "Pacman" Jones, WR Terrell Owens, S Roy Williams

- Say Hello To: LB Keith Brooking, QB Jon Kitna, DE Igor Olshansky, S Gerald Sensabaugh, LB Matt Stewart

- Overall: This fans sees Brooking as another Zach Thomas signing, Olshansky and Canty cancelling each other out, and Williams (WR) not being able to duplicate the success of T.O. The Cowboys are no better than last season, possibly a bit worse at this point in the off-season.


- Gone Are: DE Demetric Evans, P Ryan Plackemeier, CB Shawn Springs, DE Jason Taylor, LB Marcus Washington

- Say Hello To: RB Anthony Aldridge, P Zacrey Atterberry, LS Jeremy Cain, G Derrick Dockery, RB Dominique Dorsey, FB Jonathan Evans, DB Michael Grant, DT Albert Haynesworth, P Dirk Johnson, K Dave Raynor, OL Isaiah Ross

- Overall: They may have overpaid for his services but Haynesworth will no doubt improve a top-5 defense. On the flip side the 'Skins have done little to improve an Offense that ranked in the league's bottom third in points per game, total yards per game, and passing yards per game. Their D will make them better, but when you finish in the division basement you need more than just slightly better.


- Gone Are: S James Butler, RB Reuben Droughns, S Sammy Knight, CB Sam Madison, RB Derrick Ward

- Say Hello To: DT Rocky Bernard, LB Michael Boley, S C.C. Brown, DE Chris Canty, TE Lee Vickers

- Overall: Alright, this fan is flat out scared of their Defensive Line. But without Spags leading the D can the overall unit still be dominant? On offense there is still no replacement for Plaxico and Bradshaw will have a difficult time replacing the production of Ward. Unfortunately the Giants are still the class of the division, but the gap between them and the Eagles isn't a big as people think.

As it stands now it would appear that the Eagles will be fighting for a wild card spot. But, hey, as long as you get into the dance anything can happen.

A big trade, a good draft, and a Weaver signing, well, the Eagles could no doubt challenge the G-Men (of all the NFC East teams the Eagles do have the most cap space and draft picks!).

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InsultComicDog said...

I think the Giants are the best team in the division. I think the Eagles may well be the next best. Time will tell. It's not as simple as additions/subtractions though.