Friday, March 13, 2009

Let the Rumors Fly Torry Fly

An Eagles blog has to have a Torry Holt post. So if one has to, one has to...

We knew it was coming, now it's official. Torry Holt is out there for the taking. Will the Eagles be the ones to take him. I would say no, but there are a few things that maybe make me wanna say yes.

  • Holt would come much cheaper than Boldin. You might even be able to get Holt on a 1 or 2 year deal (which the Eagles seem to love of late).
  • Signing Holt would let the Eagles get a WR AND hold onto their 2 first rounders (well unless Jason Peters is in the plans)
  • A locker room missing a leader like Dawkins could use a veteran that is a Champion.
  • You would think that being cut by the Rams would make Holt highly motivated to show that he still has something left.
  • Even at 32 Holt is an upgrade over Reggie Brown and even Baskett.

Or on the flip side, and as others are saying, maybe the release of Holt could even help the Eagles in trading for Boldin. The Cardinals trade Boldin and then sign Holt as the replacement.

Holt to the Eagles...let the rumors fly.


Anonymous said...

no. Tempting, but no. Lets be honest here, when you hear the name "Torry Holt" you think great WR, lets get him. But the truth is, as great as this guy has been in the past, he IS on the downside of his career no matter how great his drive to prove he has something left. Sure, Anquan would be a much better option (albeit MUCH more expensive), but I think in this case we would even be much better served using an early pick in the draft to bring in a productive rookie with some upside. Only way I'd like to have it happen is on a one year deal, but I don't think thats really an option.

chris klinkner said...

I agree on the one year deal