Monday, March 2, 2009

Move Andrews to Tackle

The fun have having brothers on the same team. Someone says Andrews and you got no idea which one.

I was driving home from work today and caught some of Jaws interview on 950ESPN. Jaws thinks the Eagles should play Shawn Andrews at LT. One Andrews at RT, the other at LT.

The Eagles let Tra Thomas hit free agency and now there are reports of him visiting Jacksonville. So if Tra goes the Dawkins route, there will soon be a glaring hole at LT. And do you really want a rookie protecting McNabb's blind side? I don't.

So if you agree with the logic of Jaws the OL would feature Andrews and Andrews at that the tackle positions, Todd and Nick as the guards, and the under-achieving Jamaal back at center.

And most importantly, such a line-up wouldn't cost Banner any additional money!

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