Sunday, March 22, 2009

The One That Got Away

Have the Eagles done enough this off-season to improve the club? At this point with the draft still upcoming and the possibility of trades the end product might not be finished. And I agree with G. Gobb in that the Eagles recent success earns them the benefit of doubt. Maybe hold some of the criticism until training camp rolls around.

Even with this slightly rosy outlook I still feel the Eagles biggest off-season mistake to date was not pursuing and signing FA center Jason Brown. The Rams paid high (the Eagles too had the money), but they got themselves a player for MANY years to come. Brown was considered by most to be the top interior lineman in free agency. He anchored a line that paved the way for 2,376 rushing yards. Oh yeah, he is only 25 years old...hello future!!

Even with the aging Tackles last season I felt the weak spot of the Eagles' OL was center. Ever since beating out Hank Fraley for the starting center spot, the performance of Jamel Jackson has continued to decline. In my opinion Jackson currently sits as the weak link along this OL. Unfortunately there is no back-up plan to Jackson.

Reid always preaches about how it all starts with dominant lines. Well how dominant would the OL of been with Brown at center and the Andrews brothers manning the tackle spots. Brown could have made this off-season great (even without a Boldin sighting).

My feeling is that the Eagles are going to regret this one.


Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately there is no back-up plan to Jackson."

Um... Nick Cole? Mike McGlynn? Draft? How can you say there is no backup plan?

Anonymous said...

if those 2 were so good why aren't they pushing Jackson for a starting spot? Probably because they are back-up caliber at best.

Unknown said...

I could not agree more!!! From the start of free agency I thought that was TARGET #1 of Reid and BONER. I thought if there were to pay anyone and make cents to them it would have been Brown!! WOW what a line they would have with brown as the center anchor at 25!! He would have made our whole offense better, even without the coveted WR that everyone seems to think we need!!