Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Read Between the Lines

After 10+ years we know the drill. Reporter asks the same old questions, Reid avoids answering the questions, reporter doesn't ask a follow-up question to get a true answer from Reid, interview ends, and fans become frustrated.

So instead of wasting our time bashing another Reid interview, let's look at what Reid maybe said by not saying anything...

- Over praising Herremans (should of been a Pro Bowler) and Andrews (Reid's eyes had never seen a finer college offensive tackle) means one of these 2 is going to the outside. I don't see Reid trusting a rookie to guard McNabb's blind side.

- Praising of Nick Cole means Reid saw the same things we did last season with Jamaal Jackson (another subpar season). The starting center spot is Coles to lose.

- Reid likes to have 2 or 3 running backs and have one of those backs complement Westbrook. Reid hesitated to play Booker last season so Booker isn't that guy. The Eagles are going to draft a RB and draft him early.

- Reid doesn't care about fan reaction. Well this is obvious otherwise he wouldn't conduct interviews the way he does. His responses insult the intelligence of fans.

- How Reid probably wanted to answer the question, "What would have happened if Kevin Kolb had lit it up in second half [of the Ravens Game]: I would have looked like a genius for drafting him. We could have saved ourselves another 9+ million in cap space with Kolb and not Donovan as our starting QB this season.

- Matt Schobel is a good receiver means the guy can't block a lick.

- Reggie Brown is a starter means nothing more than trying to drive up Browns’ value for any potential trades. Reid benched Reggie last year. In other parts of the interview he implies that Reggie crumbles each and every time he is faced with competition for playing time. Reid knows, we know, that Brown isn’t a staring caliber WR.

- It’s crazy that Banner is constantly criticized by fans means that Reid is again insulting the intelligence of us fans. Banner is criticized because we fans bleed green passion and are obsessed with actually winning a Super Bowl. Banner (though only doing his job) portrays a man instead obsessed with the business side of football. Every player is just a dollar sign in a business plan. Always protect the company bottom line even if it means continually coming up short of a title.

That’s what I heard today…more enjoyable that what was actually said (or not said).

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