Friday, March 13, 2009

The Right Way - The NY Giant Way

In case you didn't look today the economy is still in the tank. Businesses are still going under, the unemployment numbers are continuing to rise, and your investment portfolio is still pretty much bare...

Some teams realize this, others teams don't.

In today's news I caught the note that the NY Giants will not be raising the price of tickets for the 2009 season.

Based on records the Giants are putting a better regular season product on the field than the Eagles. Despite this the Eagles still found the need to raise ticket prices this season.

I guess this is how to become a billionaire the Jeff Lurie way.


Anonymous said...

I agree in general with your premise. But based on the play-offs the Eagles were better then the Giants last year. Just a minor quibble. My personal opinion is no team should be raising ticket prices regardless of there success in a recession like this.

chris klinkner said...

100% correct Anonymous

Anonymous said...

what is the price difference in current ticket prices between the two teams? also, how much do you think those tix prices will go up when they open their new stadium next year?