Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shake It Up - Jones, Brown, Mikell, and Maybe Bryant McFadden?

They claim to have found Dawkins' replacement yesterday. I tend to disagree. I think the guy was already on the team...yesterday's signing only confirms my thinking (though I have been wrong before!)

They way I see it is that Sean Jones continues his career at Strong Safety. I then see Quintin Mikell making the switch to Free Safety. The numbers show Jones excelling at SS, so why mess with a good thing. Mikell had the opportunity to learn under Dawkins so let him slide to Dawkins' old position.

And from there the defensive backfield shake-up only continues to get interesting.

The latest rumor has the Eagles being one of the final teams to possibly land CB Bryant McFadden (continuing with the Eagles' youth movement). Signing McFadden would prove to be a head scratcher unless there are plans to maybe unload Sheldon Brown (he is unhappy with his contract)...maybe in a draft day trade?

So an area (defensive backfield) that most fans thought was a position of strength sure has seen a lot of movement (and possibly more) this off-season.

Resign Hanson, trade Lito, don't sign Dawkins, sign Jones, maybe slide Mikell over, maybe sign McFadden and trade Brown?!? If only Donovan saw this kind of movement with the offensive personnel!


Anonymous said...

We do need to make some moves on offense now..wouldn't it be great to see Gonzalez wearing green? I have to disagree a bit about the secondary, Chris. If we can get more pressure from the down 4, the secondary will look considerably better regardless of how they juggle the personnel.

Contricanis said...

Gonzalez won´t go anywhere... he´ll be happy with Haley and Cassel.