Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sheldon Brown Is Just Better

UPDATE: Case closed. McFadden signs with the Cardinals.

When the news is quiet, little things get a lot of unnecessary attention. In this case the little thing is a rumor about CB Bryant McFadden being pursued by the Eagles.

If the rumor comes true one would have to assume that the Eagles don't want a repeat of last season and a CB playing who is unhappy with his contract.

Sheldon Brown would be going, going, gone.

But before we all get excited about McFadden for no other reason than it's a free agent signing, let's look at these quick notes / statistics I found comparing Brown and McFadden:

- Sheldon Brown:
Season Totals: 63 attempts, 4.84 YPA, 44.44 Forced INC%, 0 TDs, 1 INT

"Among CBs with at least 40 attempts, Brown was behind only Brandon Flowers, Samari Rolle and Corey Webster with a 4.84 YPA."

Bryant McFadden
Season Totals: 45 attempts, 5.60 YPA, 31.11 Forced INC%, 1 TD, 2 INTs

"There may not have been a CB that benefited more from his teams pass rush than Bryant McFadden. His 5.60 YPA is very impressive, but his forced incompletion percentage is just over 30 and far from impressive. McFadden is an unrestricted free agent and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers let him walk. While I like McFadden and think he is a solid player, his low YPA is slightly misleading."

The reality is that there really is no comparing the two. If the Eagles want to win now then Brown is your man. If the Eagles are committed to this infusion of youth, well McFadden has Brown beat in that category...and only that category.

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Anonymous said...

Could not agree more. One of the most underappreciated corners in the league who brings it every week. Would hate to lose him in any trade...stop dreaming of Anquan, lets build on the fearsome defense we're going to have next year, not weaken it.