Monday, March 2, 2009

Stop Being A Fan, Face Eagles' Reality

I can type it, but can I follow my own advice?

Enough of constantly checking the Internet sites to see if the Eagles landed one of the top free agents. Time to stop believing every rumor I read and getting my hopes up only to be quickly disappointed. It's time for me (and probably a bunch of other Eagles' fans) to face reality...the Eagles are going to do very little this off-season.

Honestly, at this point who is really left in free agency to get excited about? T.J. is off to Seattle and all others are off to any where but Philadelphia. And while we are at it, McNabb isn't going to be traded to Denver for Cutler either.

So time to go back to my dad's old saying (though neither of us truly believe it)...Andy knows best. Such logic also means that is time time to also squash those Derrick Ward rumors. An established RB who can run, catch, block, and would weaken an NFC East makes too much sense to happen in Philadelphia.

I swear the Eagles better not go trading either of those first round draft picks!!!


InsultComicDog said...

I am totally convinced that no matter how much you spend in FA it isn't going to put you into the Super Bowl. And also that more often than not, expensive free agents are not what the buyer hopes for.

Is Dawkins going to be a great deal for Denver? I would be against it.

InsultComicDog said...

That is "bet" against it