Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Team To Beat, Just Ask Tuck

Good for Justin Tuck, the man has a very short memory.

Erased from Tuck's mind are the two end of season defeats his G-Men suffered to the Eagles (on their home turf). Instead, we have our first bulletin board material of the season...

"On paper I think the team to beat is definitely us [Giants]."

Good for Justin, supporting the home team. I wonder if he also thinks it's pedal to the metal for his Giants?

Despite their upgrades on Defense, I think it might be a little premature to go anointing yourselves the best.

The Giants still do not have a viable replacement for Plaxico. Gone is the 2 headed running attack of Jacobs and Ward. And Spags is now in St. Louis.

Sure the Giants are good. But at this time have they done enough to consider themselves the favorites over the Eagles?

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