Wednesday, March 4, 2009

They Don't Always Get It Right

Another day. Yet another report of a veteran being low-balled by the Eagles front office and on his way out of Philadelphia. Today the player is Tra Thomas.

If you watched the playoffs letting Tra go may not be such a bad move. But if he goes what is the back-up plan for protecting McNabb?

The news on Tra did get me thinking.

I am tired of people defending the Eagles front office and their dealings with players 30+ years of age. The argument from these people is that the Eagles are always spot on with their player evaluations. The players are in decline and are no longer worth the investment.

I ask this simple question to those people...if the Eagles Front Office is doing so well with their player personnel decisions, where is the Lombardi Trophy to cement their claim of being the Gold Standard??

It's true that the ex-Eagles may not play at the highest level on their new teams. But how does one know that had the player of stayed with the Eagles that their veteran leadership could have been the difference in getting the Eagles a title.

So until the Eagles are parading down Broad Street, let's hold off on praising the Front Office.

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