Monday, March 16, 2009

The True Gold Standard Looks To Be Striking Again

Hate them and jealous of them. The story of the New England Patriots.

The latest news has the Patriots making a strong push to acquire Panthers DE Julius Peppers for a high 2nd round pick (Philly fans dream it, the Patriots' FO actually does it!). Another example of this team getting IT. Never be content, always make the big, right move to keep yourself at the top.

In reality you can't argue with the success of the Eagles. Season after season they put an above average, even sometimes great, product on the field. More often then not under Reid / Banner the Eagles are one of the last teams standing.

Unfortunately, unlike the Patriots, the Eagles never make THAT move to be the last team standing. They do business, a little tweaking, like they are the champions.

Up the coast, the Patriots keep showing us why they ARE the gold standard.

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GM said...

It is frustrating though to watch other teams do it so well and then watch the Eagles bumble around. But like you said the Eagles are competitive every year which is not something everyone can say.