Friday, March 20, 2009

Weaver - Good, No GREAT Signing

Many fans (including this one) have voiced their desire for the Eagles to sign FB Leonard Weaver.

Well the Eagles got their guy. Reports have the Eagles and Weaver agreeing to a one year deal.

How could you not love this signing with a souting report like this....

Weaver’s abilities as a blocker and a playmaker make him a versatile double-threat force to reckon with. His rare athleticism as a runner and receiver out of the backfield is God-given. But his blocking, which was a major knock against him initially, has improved significantly, due mostly to good old-fashioned hard work. At the end of the season, outgoing head coach Mike Holmgren told one team insider that Weaver had made himself into the best blocker on the team, and the sight of him opening holes with often punishing hits on opposing defenders has become a routine occurrence.

Weaver is uncommonly elusive, with rare footwork for a player at his position, and he has become a consistently effective check-down receiver with the ability to pick up yards after his catches. He also has growing potential as a short-yardage specialist.

Weaver’s uniqueness could be his only weakness, in that he has excelled at a position that has diminished in importance at the pro level. While it appears he has all the makings of a respectable No. 2 running back, he is an unproven commodity in that particular role.

Love this signing!!


Anonymous said...

Pretty hard to ever call a full back signing a great signing. That would take the signing of someone like Mark Alstott in his prime and there aren't any more Mark Alstotts. Its a good move no need to nitpick it. Full back is not a sexy position and I don't think even the Eagles would tell anybody it was a great signing.

Anonymous said...

Weaver was only just a good signing because we still need some more pieces on a tight end, a number one wideout would be I said, in itself a good signing, we did need a real fullback this year