Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Westbrook - Don't Be Faulk

Boldin, Edwards, McNabb, and Cutler. Names that will surely grab your attention this off-season. But all eyes should instead be focused on Westbrook. As Westbrook goes, so goes the Eagles offense.

Can B-West stay healthy? Can B-West fight off father time that so often claims RBs when they hit 30? This fan hopes so and hopes that B-West isn't turning into Marshall Faulk (who Westbrook is often compared to) of 2003 and 2004.

If you look at the stats for Faulk you see a trend that Westbrook began to follow last season.

- Faulk 2001 (28 years old): 1382 rushing yards, 765 receiving yards
- Westbrook 2007 (28 years old): 1333 rushing yards, 771 receiving yards

- Faulk 2002 (29 years old): 953 rushing yards, 537 receiving yards
- Westbrook 2008 (29 years old): 936 rushing yards, 402 receiving yards

- Faulk 2003 (30 years old): 818 rushing yards, 290 receiving yards
- Westrbook 2009 (30 years old): ???

- Faulk 2004 (31 years old): 774 rushing yards, 310 receiving yards
- Westbrook 2010 (31 years old): ?!?

Faulk battled knee injuries. Westbrook has battled knee injuries. Will 30 years old also mean that the best of B-West is gone?

I am hoping that because Westbrook had only 7 years of NFL pounding prior to his 30th birthday (compared to 9 years for Faulk) that there is at least 1 if not 2 good years left for #36.

Draft a RB Reid, prolong the career of your only true offensive playmaker!

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Anonymous said...

yeh westbrook is all we have i really wish that mcnabb would leave. i like mcnab a lot and i feel that the organization has never given him 1 decent receiever besides ( TO = superbowl appearance) sad that a rookie last year was our best even though curtis was solid the prior..im anxious to see what there are going to do.

Espozita said...

You Bastard.

Why did you have to go and call this?

Thanks for Nothing.


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