Monday, March 16, 2009

What The FB Numbers Show

Our are screams for an upgrade at the FB position really warranted?

Bob Brookover gives us the following fact in today's paper....

Through the Eagles' first 11 games last season, the team converted third-down situations a horrendous 51.1 percent (23 of 45) of the time when they needed 3 yards or fewer. In their final eight games, including the three playoff games, that percentage improved to 71.4 percent (25 of 35).

That improvement reflected the activation of Eckel and the improvement by Klecko at fullback after he had opened the season as a defensive tackle.

I agree 100% that Weaver would be an upgrade over Klecko or Eckel but is it really wise to invest heavily in the FB position? A position of little importance in the Eagles' offensive scheme.

Can the running game be fixed just by the changes that are occurring along the OL? Inserting the Andrews brothers could be answer enough.


InsultComicDog said...

I think we do need an upgrade at FB but Weaver is the wrong choice. Get someone who can lead block.

Try to sign the RFA TE from Baltimore, Quinn Sypniewski. 3rd string on that squad, could be a great situational blocking TE for us, and great complement to Celek on a double TE formation. RFA cost would be a fifth rounder, and we have four of those.

chris klinkner said...

couldn't hurt to explore this option...makes sense to me

Anonymous said...