Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You Ask and You Shall Receive...Shawn Springs

Glad the Eagles cleared this up for me.

I was curious as to what the cut-off age was for the youth movement in the defensive backfield. The answer appears to be 34 you are good, 35...take your hall of fame career and get the hell out of here.

The latest news from Eagleville is that CB Shawn Springs is in town for a visit. Big relief as I had thought the Eagles' invites to Free Agents were getting fire walled.

Springs, is it just a visit or is there a contract awaiting his signature? I guess time will tell. I guess time will also tell what this move truly means. Are there plans to move Sheldon to Safety? Are there plans to move Sheldon via trade? Are there doubts over the ability and progress of Jack Ikegwuonu? This fan is curious.

Besides being on the wrong side of 30 the reports say there may be some good football left in the CB. Not great, but probably back-up caliber good. If you ask me I think he played better than former teammate DeAngelo Hall last season.

We fans have been begging for some additional free agent visits and signings. Yea, I didn't think Springs would satisfy the masses. But don't forget, it's still early in the off-season (plenty of time left for the FO to screw things up even more!)


InsultComicDog said...

Due diligence... Springs is a good corner, can still play well when healthy. Once you get over whining about the Eagles not wanting to overpay Dawkins as much as Denver did, you still have to figure out if there are other players who can help.

chris klinkner said...

the problem with springs is that he is never healthy now...and now he is another year older.

But pointless to discuss as I doubt he will sign

Anonymous said...

You could not be more wrong about Springs being better than DeAngelo Hall last year. Hall is a stud who gets a bad rap because hes a knucklehead. He has very good cover skills and amazing make-up speed for the few occasions when he gets beat. Remember when he abused TO in that Atlanta MNF game in '05? And to think Hall is only 25!!! Springs is still a solid cover guy when healthy (He missed 7games last year), but has lost more than a step. I think he'd be a decent addition to the team, I just think your comment about him having a better year than Hall is absolutely incorrect.