Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Sheldon Post

While Sheldon Brown is a dependable and solid cornerback, his current demands are frivolous, at best. At 30 years old, Sheldon has 4 years left on his current contract. Despite playing through thick and thin, he is in no position to be demanding anything from the Philadelphia Eagles. Here are the facts:

1. As stated above, Sheldon is 30 years old.
2. There are 4 years left on his contract.
3. He has never been the top CB on his team since entering the NFL.
4. The Eagles believe that Joselio Hanson can be a legit starter.
5. He received a substantial signing bonus only a few years ago.

It is fair to say that he is a solid contributor to this team; and, he is, undoubtedly, a team guy. It may even be fair to note that he could be paid better, but when a player decides to choose security over a big pay day, that happens. Lito cried and played his way out of town, perhaps Brown will, as well. Hopefully, this is worked out; however, it won’t (and shouldn’t) be through giving him a new deal.

On a final note, much ado has been given to the argument that with the loss of Dawkins, Brown is your only defensive leader on the field and is worth too much to lose now. Quintin Mikell may have a point of contention, as he has now exhibited his leadership ability for years, first as the unofficial ST captain, then a leader on the defense. Stewart Bradley is young, but has developed as a leader very quickly. And, Trent Cole’s on-field prowess and ability to pump up his teammates cannot go unnoticed. This argument is not only weak, but pathetic… as the Birds’ youth movement has stepped up and taken the reigns over the past few years.

In closing, while I love Brown as a player, he has no leg to stand on.


Unknown said...

a defensive leader doesn't do this

justincharlesharlan said...

Agreed. Good point.

Unknown said...

I loved Sheldon until i heard this crap spew out of his mouth. Now he's taking his whiny world tour to's called GREED. My stomach turned when I heard him speaking about having no incentive to "play above his paycheck." Are you serious? Then he dragged Mike Patterson and Trent Cole's name into it? Single handedly win playoff games, like asante and then we'll talk. Until then you are an upper middle-tier corner with that reggie bush hit to your credit.

Gary Knight said...

I agree, the coaches have to play the best guy. It's too bad people's feelings get hurt, though.

By the way, did you see who did the interview? Jeff Skversky!