Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bye, Bye Brown

Sheldon Brown continues to voice his displeasure and unhappiness with his contract and the Eagles' response to his contract and trade demands.

His full response can be found on Philly.com

So now Brown is going to have difficulty finding motivation to play and this whole thing isn't about the money.

Way to be a leader Sheldon. Way to drag other players' names into your problem. And if this isn't about the money then why even mention your contract?

Excuse me did I miss when the Eagles won a Super Bowl? Did I miss when Sheldon Brown was named to the Pro Bowl?

Shut-up and play. Bring a title to the city and then talk!

Brown knew the risks when he first signed his contract extension with the Eagles. Brown had the option to play for less money upfront and then potentially get paid more later (if he excelled) or take slightly more money then his full potential is worth and get the guaranteed money and security.

What would of happened had Brown stunk or had gotten injured in year 1? Yep, that signing bonus would not have been going back to the Eagles.

Brown opted for the upfront money and now he must face the consequences. Life is tough when $2 million plus is an unfair consequence.

This fan is so sick of the ME, ME, ME culture that engulfs sports today. I can't believe I am siding with the Front Office..but I am...100%.


jk said...

oh wow- like to see you worked up there. dude seems like a jerk.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. For every point in Sheldon's argument, the Eagles have a better counterpoint. Maybe you should be thankful you have a more than adequate income for the next four years. Because the truth is Sheldon, I might not make what you get in one year in the next five. So guess what, put your f-ing pads on, maybe make the Pro Bowl and bring us a title, and three years from now maybe they'll consider putting another contract in front of you that you might actually read before signing. I can't stand these guys, most of Philadelphia works their asses off just to put food on the table, and he has the nerve to cry about not having enough money the "make it rain" at the clubs. From a diehard Philly fan and struggling American, F##k you Sheldon.

Anonymous said...

A correction to the post above, I gave him too much credit. I'll be lucky to make his one year salary in the next 30 years. Wow.