Sunday, April 12, 2009

Competition at Kicker?

Kicker. I've probably bored you already. But this fan is finding it odd that no one is talking about the need to upgrade the K position this off-season. If not upgrade at least the need to bring in some competition. Maybe I am looking at the stats wrong.

Maybe I am thinking too much "glass half empty" than "glass half full." 2008 did show a drastic improvement for Akers in kicks from 40+ yards, as he nailed 10 of 15 attempts. In 2007 Akers connected on only 2 of 10 attempts from a distance of 40+ yards.

So maybe there shouldn't be any concern as Akers enters the 2009-'10 season. But this fan has a difficult time looking past Akers' performance in the NFC Championship Game against Arizona. Akers missed both a crucial field goal (47 yards) and an extra point in the game. The extra point then lead to the Eagles attempting and failing on a 2 point conversation in the 4th quarter. And if last impressions aren't painful enough some "hidden" statistics may be even more worrisome.

NFC Rankings:
- Field Goal %: ranked 13th
- Field Goals Missed: ranked 2nd highest
- Kick Off Average: ranked 9th
- Average Opponents Starting Position after KO: ranked 8th

With so many draft picks maybe the Eagles draft a K in the late rounds of Day 2 (as the FA options are slim)? Or maybe I am wrong and the reason the K position has generated such little buzz this off-season is that everyone is OK with Akers for another season or two.

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