Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Eagles Make It So Easy to Hate Them

Sure we bleed the green, but comments like the ones from Tom Heckert regarding the RB situation just continue to infuriate the fanbase...

"It's still not at a point where we're going to say we have to come out of the first two rounds with a running back. We think that there are good running backs in the third and fourth rounds. There always are. We think there are some guys [in those rounds] that can play and help us. It's not like we're in a panic mode by any stretch."

The common public perception of Heckert is that he is nothing more then a talking puppet that the FO sends out to the media to feed the fans information...even if that information is pointless and maddening.

I honestly hope that Tom is just blowing smoke on this one. Booker is NOT an option as a complimentary back to B-West. His blocking will get McNabb killed and his RB skills are non-existent!

The Eagles need to draft a RB early to compliment Westbrook this year and be the future in the backfield!

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