Friday, April 17, 2009

The Greatness Only Continues

We Philadelphia fans are truly blessed.

We have some of, if not the best announcers in all of sports. I will be down at Citizens Bank Park this evening honoring Harry Kalas. Like many of you, many of my greatest sporting moments have Harry's voice in the background. Even today my ring tone is set to Harry's call of Michael Jacks' 500th home run.

With the unfortunate passing of Kalas the current title of announcing greatness in the city has been passed to Merrill Reese. In short, Reese just has "it."

I kind of relate Reese's "it" to the "it" that Brian Dawkins has. It takes only a few seconds of listening to Reese's voice and then bam, Eagles excitement.

Reese's voice brings confidence to a fan. Reese's voice is filled with genuine passion. How can any true Eagles fan not get pumped listening to his comments or broadcast?

When a Dave Spadaro rambles on and on about how great the Eagles are you quickly become disinterested, view the talk as fake. Reese is the exact opposite. When Reese says the team is good or a player is good you believe him, you have zero doubt. You are instantly psyched, you can't wait for the season or game to begin.

And once the season starts there is no one better calling a game than Reese. Sure Reese might occasionally be a bit of a "homer." But who cares. The man calls the game with Eagles passion. Your emotions are hanging on his every word.

Few things are better than watching the Eagles game on TV, muting a Troy Aikman or Joe Buck, and have Reese call the game for you.

Or on the rare occasion when I had to leave a home game early, I find myself running through the parking lot to put Reese on for the remainder of the game. Passing cars look at my Dad and I like we are crazy as we follow the game on the ride home.

When you think Eagles, it is hard not to think Merrill Reese. I only hope that one day we all get to hear Merrill calling the Eagles Super Bowl Champions.

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