Friday, April 17, 2009

The McNabb Approval?

Well today's news surly won't make T.O. a happy camper out in Buffalo. I wish Edwards luck finding time to get T.O. the ball with his Pro Bowl LT now in Philadelphia!

The Eagles needed a comes a 2 time Pro Bowler. You know it was a great move, I know it was a great move, the coaches know it was a great move, the experts know it was a great get my point.

What I want now is McNabb to break his off-season silence and come out and acknowledge the upgrades that have occurred on his offense. Sure the moves may not be flashy "skill position" additions, but the moves made have a good chance to bring greater benefits. Two franchise changing Tackles and an All Pro FB (you also can't overlook the return of an All-Pro RG).

There is zero doubt that the Eagles offense as it stands now is better than the 2008 version. Oh yeah, there is still a draft. A young, stud RB or TE is just waiting to be added to the offense.

So it's time for the McNabb stamp of approval. No hiding behind a blog entry or Michael Smith at ESPN. McNabb wanted upgrades and he got them.

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tonypdaslugga said...

yeah this team has improved tremendously on paper, but us iggles fans have got to chill on the Donovan bashing from now on. There are at least 10 teams that would love to have a proven franchise quarterback, not to mention the ones that have qb's on their last legs so lets give Donovan a break and appreciate him for making us good for the last ten years.