Monday, April 20, 2009

The Rumors - Coming To An End

The day is almost here...thankfully! It's the week leading up to the draft.

Teams are going to be leaking a lot of meaningless rumors to the media this week in hopes of screwing up another teams' draft.

So when Banner refused to rule out the Eagles acquiring Boldin one has to wonder is he serious or is he too just playing the game of "smoke screens."

This time next week we will have a strong idea of what the 2009-'10 Eagles will look like. I love the moves to date. The OL has been revamped, a true FB is on the roster, and Safety depth has been added.

Are the Eagles better than when the ended last season? I say yes.

Have the Eagles done enough to make themselves true Super Bowl contenders? I say not yet...but this Saturday can give them that bump. Maybe a Boldin trade and draft a RB in the 2nd round? Maybe a 1st round RB and a 2nd round TE?

On Saturday we FINALLY get our answers. On Saturday the Boldin rumors will FINALLY come to an end!

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