Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tough Bunch To Please

Eagles fans are sure a tough bunch to please.

I thought for sure that the Peters signing would be greeted with rave reviews. A quality LT is difficult to find in the NFL. And the Eagles just signed themselves maybe the best LT in all of football.

Despite this I hear people questioning the signing or stating that the Eagles are right back to where they ended last season.

Aren't these the same fans who a month or so ago were applauding the Eagles for letting Tra Thomas sign with Jacksonville? Aren't these the same fans who were screaming that Runyan and Tra were both too old, were both in decline, and could no longer generate the leverage to effectively block?

I remember Tra being embarrassed in the NFC Championship game. I remember the Eagles pathetic 3.2 yards per carry average. Sure the sacks allowed may be low but a lot of that credit should go to McNabb's scrambling ability.

Did we also forget the Weaver signing? Again, fans were screaming that the Eagles were idiots for playing a DT at FB. So doesn't signing a Pro Bowl FB register as an upgrade?

The combination of a Pro Bowl FB and a revamped OL also makes both Westbrook and McNabb better.

Westbrook will actually have holes to run through. Mcnabb who had no run game in the playoffs will now have a run game (please Andy run the ball). McNabb, another year older, will be allowed to depend less on his scrambling ability, while having more time in the pocket and more time for his WRs to get separation.

I 100% agree that there is still room for improvement on this Eagles' team. Some of the skill positions need upgrading. A young RB to compliment Westbrook and a TE (who can block and catch) to challenge Brent. Maybe the Eagles also get lucky and get another impact rookie WR.

I am usually one of the first to criticize the Eagles' FO for too often settling for being good, but never great. But at the same time when improvements are made they deserve credit. At this point in the off-season the Eagles have improved from last season.


Anonymous said...

Well said man - the FO deserves credit in getting this done. It's unfortunate too many people look at this signing and immediately think, "We still need a WR!"

Getting arguably the best LT in football is, as Ron Burgundy would say, "kind of a big deal".

bula said...

yeah, most fans assume that all we should do is put in an offensive line from the local high school team and line up a few all pro recievers and we win multiple super bowls. unfortunately that's not how it happens. FO deserves some credit cause this was a good deal. the chances the eagles get a player of this caliber at 28 in the draft would have been slim to none. a fourth and a sixth...those are nominal