Monday, May 18, 2009


Mr. Sheppard is running his trap about how he was mistreated here… no big surprise, as he proved last year that he is a “me” guy rather than a team guy. He is trying claim that his cut in PT was due to the Eagles needing to legitimize their signing of Asante.

Let’s be honest, Lee-Toe, the Birds had to sign a top notch CB due to your inability to stay healthy. We don’t even need to bring up the fact that you’ve never led the league in pass deflections, as Asante did last season. Oh, and while we’re comparing, when was the last time you made a clutch interception return to win a playoff game?

Sheppard showed his true colors and the big difference between his situation last year and Sheldon’s this year is character. Sheldon isn’t a “me” guy, so Id expect the rest of the “negotiating” to be behind close doors. Sheldon will come to play. Lito dogged it and it showed.

Point blank, Sheappard should shut his mouth. Though, I am rooting for him… as the better he plays the better our compensation in the 2010 draft will be.


Anonymous said...

Lito has every right to complain,,maybe he was injured more than we like but then again so has other players we just kept around hoping this would be a better year for them. I am a huge Eagles fan for the players the office is another story,,too many bad choices and plays.

justincharlesharlan said...

Typical... you probably side with TO too, don't you?

Lito has NO right to complain. He signed a contract... he bitched about his contract... then he underperformed when on the field. Period.