Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Calling Mr. Rosenhaus. Calling Mr. James.

Is Mr. Rosenhaus available? This is Joseph Banner.

This Eagles fan can only hope that such a call is being made. This fan can only hope that the end result of such a call is Edgerrin Tyree James being fitted for some midnight green.

The latest news out of a very eventful Eagles OTA is that Brian Westbrook requires surgery on his ankles. The seriousness of the injury and surgery varies from report to report. Regardless another surgery for B-West on his legs is not good news.

I love B-West. He is as dynamic a playmaker as there is in the NFL. But as the injuries continue to mount and the body hits 30 years come September this fan is worried.

The glowing off-season reports on the Eagles have visions of a Super Bowl dancing in my head. Without B-West those visions and hopes get squashed.

Signing a veteran like James gives the Eagles some insurance. McCoy is a rookie...don't forget that.


justincharlesharlan said...

Glad to see you back buddy!

justincharlesharlan said...

PS. I miss Buck already!

zoe said...

Glad to see you back!!!!