Thursday, June 4, 2009

Give Him the Money, Maybe the Years

So it sounds like Mr. Franchise is going to be getting himself a revised contract.

If the reports are true McNabb would be getting more money over the final two years of his current contract. The prospect of an extension remains show me first.

All sounds peachy to this fan. It's hard to rationalize a possible one year wonder like Matt Cassell earning more money than an established, All-Pro like McNabb .

As far as holding off on the extension I also like the move.

It's difficult to give an older QB an extension when you still have an untested 2nd rounder on the bench. Maybe Kolb is the real deal and if given playing time over the next 2 years (McNabb does have a history of injuries) he can show he is the future after 2010.

Redoing the final 2 years of the current deal should make McNabb happier (and maybe even break his media silence) and it allows the Eagles to keep a QB who is still one of the leagues' best. If you give up now and Kolb is a bust the franchise is screwed!

Reworking the current deal without an extension puts all the pressure on #5. If he plays well in 2009 and 2010 then an extension will come that should all but guarantee McNabb retires with the Eagles.

If McNabb plays poorly or gets injured Kolb will get a shot and the QB future of the franchise will become clearer...Kolb, draft another QB, or hit-up free agency.

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