Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RIP Jim Johnson

As I'm sure most of you know by now, longtime Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson has passed away to skin cancer. One of the greatest Defensive minds the NFL has ever seen - is gone. Everyone has their last day, I just feel Jim's was a little to early.

RIP Jim Johnson.

Friday, July 24, 2009

McDrmott to be Defensive Coordinator

Due to Jim Johnson's fight aginst Cancer(melanoma), Sean McDrmott is to be named Defensive Coordinator. Altough he may not be simply a spot-holder. This could be a permanet position.

There wil be a press confrence regarding this tommorow. It should further inform us of Johnson's conition.

I hope the best for Jim. Hopefully, he can fight through this.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Madden 10 Eagles

I assume your an eagles fan, and that at least some of you play Madden. I'm aslo thinking your usually the Eagles. Then you'd know, the Eagles are never really that bad on madden - not bad at all. As for Madden 10 (Yes, that's what their calling it) the Eagles have some strong points and some weak points. I'm here to break those down...

QB: Strong Point
We all know all the mid-season talk of McNabb. "He's not going to be an Eagles," and the, "He's lost sonme talent over the years," even the, "I can't believe he knew there was tie." Well, after all that he's ranked a 90 on Madden. Don't be alarmed, 90 is better than it used to be. That might be why he's not his usual 94ish self. As for Kolb...He's weak at 68.
RB: Stong
Now on to 'backs. We got Brian at 94. Actually surprised me, wasn't expecting him quite that highly rated. Just because they knew he was injuried. But hey, I ain't complaining! Leonard Weaver is solid at 82. LeSean McCoy is at back with a 75 rating.
WR/TE: Weak
On to Wide Out and Tight Ends...I'll start with Recievers. Our top 2 are DeSean Jackson with a 81 rating and the Rookie, Maclin at 78. Kevin Curtis is 3rd with a 76 rating. So, Our Wide Outs are pretty weak. For Tight Ends, we start at even lower numbers. Going from best to worse, our ratings are as such: 73, 72, 63. So a Tight End shouldn't be your #1 reciever. Heck, with ratings like these, you better off throwing to Westbrook every time!
O-Line: Stong
Jason Peters is best at 95 as a Left Tackle. Shawn Andrews is still strong at a 92 for Right Guard. Another Andrews - Stacy Andrews - is at 87 for a Right Tackle. Left Guard Todd Herremans is decent at 87. Following up with our Center - Jamal Jackson - at a solid 84. Compared to other teams, this is a great Line.
D-Line: Medium
Cole is obviously our best at 91. Then there's a little drop off. Bunkley at 82 and Parker at 80. All others below 80. But, with Cole so good, i can't call as a Weak Madden D-Line.
LB: Weak
Bradley is at 77. Gocong and Jordan and both 70. All others are from 65, all the way to a embarressing 59.
CB: Strong
Samuel is a Great Corner at 95. One of the best CB ratings on the game. Then we have a great Second with Brown at 87. We go to Hobbs with his 83 rating. Closing with a 75 for Hanson.
FS/SS: Medium
At Free, we have Jones with an 80. We get better at Strong Safety with Mikell with an 86.
K/P: Weak
Akers is underrated at 77. Rocca is embarressing at a 59.
That's your Eagles Madden 10 Player Ratings!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chris Cooley calls out Donovan's writing

If you didn't know, Donovan McNabb has a blog - Redskin's Tight End, Chris Cooley also has a blog. Both of them write through yardbarker.

If you clicked on those links you can see Chris Cooley is a very contstant blogger, he's almost got something every day. You may have also noticed that McNabb is...well...not even close to daily.

But hey, maybe Chris has more time for things like blogging. And hey, he also had some time to say this on the Monday Morning Quarterback column at
"I think athletes are usually terrible writers. 'Cough! Donovan McNabb!' To be
honest, most of the time I can't stand to read anything football players
-- sorry Matt Birk. Now after stopping for a minute, I'm pretty
concerned about
what I've put together."

But, hey it's a friendly attack. It's not like McNabb is going to get some buddies to jump Cooley after the Eagles/'Skins game. More than likely - McNabb had a laugh when he heard this. Still, I don't know where Cooley was going with the 'ole "Cough!" trick. I for one though it was kind of 'Cough, Cough!' Stupid! 'Cough!'

Anyway, I'm the new writer, Jace Puckett. And if your interested in reading Cooley's whole post in the MONDAY MORNING QB, you can see it here.