Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chris Cooley calls out Donovan's writing

If you didn't know, Donovan McNabb has a blog - Redskin's Tight End, Chris Cooley also has a blog. Both of them write through yardbarker.

If you clicked on those links you can see Chris Cooley is a very contstant blogger, he's almost got something every day. You may have also noticed that McNabb is...well...not even close to daily.

But hey, maybe Chris has more time for things like blogging. And hey, he also had some time to say this on the Monday Morning Quarterback column at SI.com:
"I think athletes are usually terrible writers. 'Cough! Donovan McNabb!' To be
honest, most of the time I can't stand to read anything football players
-- sorry Matt Birk. Now after stopping for a minute, I'm pretty
concerned about
what I've put together."

But, hey it's a friendly attack. It's not like McNabb is going to get some buddies to jump Cooley after the Eagles/'Skins game. More than likely - McNabb had a laugh when he heard this. Still, I don't know where Cooley was going with the 'ole "Cough!" trick. I for one though it was kind of 'Cough, Cough!' Stupid! 'Cough!'

Anyway, I'm the new writer, Jace Puckett. And if your interested in reading Cooley's whole post in the MONDAY MORNING QB, you can see it here.


Anonymous said...

a little late with this news.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man.! Your right! It was one day late! For a blog that hadn't posted anyting in 40 days!