Monday, August 31, 2009

The Return of "For Who, For What"

"For who, for what?" Ricky Watters may have coined the phrase, but I am thinking Dan Klecko might want to adopt it as his own.

Cut-downs are fast approaching for NFL teams. And like all teams the Eagles have some difficult decisions to make. One area that has some intrigue is along the defensive line. More specifically who gets the final spot on the DL?

I see Patterson, Bunkley, Abiamiri, Laws, Clemons, Smith, Parker, Howard, and Cole making the final cut. That leaves Jason Babin and Dan Klecko fighting for the last spot.

So a season after moving to FB for the good of the team Klecko may soon find himself out of a job. Prior to becoming the teams' full-time FB last season Klecko was off to an impressive start, notching 2 QB sacks in the seasons first 4 games. But any future padding of the stats was lost when Klecko moved to the offensive side of the ball.

Fast forward to the 2009 season and Klecko is back to playing defense. Unfortunately for Klecko the Eagles took a chance on cast-off Jason Babin this off-season.

When Babin was first signed it looked like nothing more than an extra body for camp. The Eagles would be Babin's fourth team in his short 6 year career. A former first rounder that never delivered first round results.

But a funny thing happened this preseason...Babin actually began playing like a 1st rounder. In 3 preseason game Babin has notched 2 QB sacks and several more QB hurries. These are numbers that earn you a roster spot.

So with Babin excelling Klecko looks to be the odd man out. Sure Babin is a DE and Klecko is a DT, but the ability of both Howard and Abiamiri to play the DT position on passing downs limits the number of true DTs the Eagles need to keep on their roster. Laws should be able to spill both Patterson and Bunkley when necessary.

So in the end putting the team ahead of himself might end up screwing Klecko. For who, for what indeed!

Friday, August 28, 2009

McNabb Being The Leader

One of the greatest criticisms of Donovan McNabb has been his supposed lack of leadership. Sadly, even when McNabb portrays leadership qualities he still gets criticized.

In my opinion I view McNabb voicing and signaling his displeasure over the Vick "trickery" last night and the offense being unable to establish a rhythm as leadership. McNabb realizes the importance of getting HIS offense on track before the regular season rolls around.

Preseason game #3 is a teams last and really only chance in the off season to establish the cohesion and rhythm needed to start the season off with Ws. The constant substitutions and reformation of the offense for Vick prevented the offense from getting these things done last night.

The starters won't be playing next week against the Jets. Will the offense be dynamic, or even good when September 13 rolls around? We really don't know. There have been flashes of good play, but nothing sustained. The offense will go into Carolina with a lot of unanswered questions because the Eagles too got caught up in the Vick circus on Thursday.

McNabb realized the error of the last night's game plan and made his displeasure be known. He stood up for his offense. He acted like a leader last night.

And for the idiot fans who are chanting for Vick the moment McNabb makes a mistake you are clueless. Vick is no where near the QB that #5 is. The statistics prove it. The W-L record proves it. The off-the-field behavior proves it.

And if you are going to continue to question the leadership of McNabb, well don't go looking for leadership in Vick. Vick thought it more important to please the fans last night with a QB scramble instead of following the play called. Good for us fans, but not something you want out of the position designated to lead your team.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anyone Watching Kolb?

All eyes on #7 tonight? Well how about a least a glance at #4? Yeah, probably not worth it. Keep your attention on #7.

I can't wait for the debut of Vick this evening. And it's a meaningless preseason game! But shouldn't there be some curiosity over the other QB...Kevin Kolb?

Good thing for Kolb is that he plays his best football in the preseason...always keeping himself employed. Unfortunately for the team and fans his performance tanks once the games actually count.

- 2007 Preseason: 66% completion, 2 TD, 0 INT, QB rating of 87.7
- 2008 Preseason: 58% completion, 1 TD, 1 INT, QB rating of 73.4
- 2008 Regular Season: 50% completion, 0 TD, 1 INT, QB Rating of 21.8

So even if we see a good performance tonight from Kolb, does it matter?

When the defenses aren't so "vanilla" will he again fold? And with the signing of Vick, does Kolb even matter this season? If McNabb were to miss significant time this year wouldn't you be more comfortable with a QB who has lead a team to an NFC Championship game (Vick) playing than a QB who has never thrown a regular season TD pass?

Here's to getting the team rolling tonight. No more post game comments with works like "embarrassment." See you down at the Linc!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Runyan Equals Good Insurance

Good things come in 3s right? So Vick is back. Westbrook is back (or on the verge of coming back). What is # 3?
How about Runyan being cleared to return to the football field and coming back to the Eagles?

Yes I am fully aware that Big Jon's best days are behind him. Yes I am aware that he is coming off of major knee surgery. But (and despite the team reports hinting otherwise) I think the Eagles would be rise to resign Runyan.

Take a look at the OL rankings / charts on this website. Last season Runyan, playing injured, was still in the upper echelon of Right Tackles. (Per the website, Stacy Andrews is the 2nd lowest ranked RT. Maybe the Eagles are smart in keeping him at RG!)
  • Runyan: 629 pass plays, only 7 sacks allowed for an average of .0111 sacks per pass play.

As an Eagles fan I would take a repeat of these numbers from Tackles Peters, Justice, or Andrews this season.

Maybe Runyan can land himself a starting position elsewhere, but I see no downside of the Eagles offering / signing Runyan to a back-up position. Maybe the back-up position turns into a starting nod as the season progresses.

Until proven otherwise I will trust the coaching and media reports that Justice has turned the corner. Maybe the big guy is finally ready to deliver on his 2nd round (some scouts even had Winston as a possible 1st rounder) talent. With Runyan coming back from surgery, at this point, I actually feel more comfortable with Justice starting the season.

As I stated before I have no faith in Shawn Andrews. Sure he is better than both Justice and Runyan. But until he actually practices and plays he doesn't count to this fan. Too many things can go wrong with banking on Shawn performing well for an entire season.

So come on Eagles, give us that 3rd piece of good news. Signing Runyan seems like a pretty damn good insurance policy to this fan.

The Return of Westbrook

Lost in Vick-Mania is the fact that on Thursday night Brian Westbrook could see his first preseason action. Our offensive leader is returning!

McNabb may be the "face" of the franchise, but as Westbrook goes, so goes the Eagles offense. If the Eagles offense is to be at their most effective and dominant they need a healthy Brian Westbrook this season.

Injuries limited Westbrook's effectiveness last season. Though even on a "down" year B-West still found the end zone 15 times! An offense and running attack lead by Westbrook makes all of his offensive teammates better. For example....

Last season when B-West had 20+ carries in a game the Eagles went 4-0. In those same 4 games, McNabb completed 64% of his passes, threw for 1053 yards (253 per game), 7 TDs and only 1 interception. No doubt some of the best numbers of McNabb's 2008 season.

The offensive line added two behemoth run blockers in Stacy Andrews and Jason Peters this off-season. And now there is actually a true FB in the backfield leading the way for Westbrook. These additions are designed to get the dominant B-West back.

Hopefully Thursday is the first step to the return of the 2007 Westbrook. Or I'd even take the combination of Westbrook and McCoy equaling the 2007 Westbrook.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Drink Up, Vicks Gonna Play

Get your pineapple and vodkas ready, Vick is playing on Thursday night.

Go ahead and call me a bad person, a person without morals. Whatever, I love my Iggles and when Vick on the field he's an Eagle (off the field = no love). This fan is excited for the show that awaits me at the Linc. And this is excitement over a lousy preseason game.

- Will there be protesters outside the stadium?

- Will there be drunks mixing it up with the protesters?

- How and when will the Eagles use Vick?

- Does Vick still have his skills? How great is the rust?

- Will the fans cheer or boo when Vick enters the game?

My Thursday night just got a lot more exciting. Vick may be a controversial signing but the man sure does add excitement to my Eagles. 3 days to go!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Glory Days and Shawn Andrews

Of course I want the Big Kid to play. The kid is an All-Pro talent. But until Shawn Andrews plays I wish he would just shut his mouth.

Shawn Andrews was again running his mouth today, telling people to stop questioning his heart and that of course he sees himself starting against the Panthers on September 13.

To me Andrews has become like the drunk at the local bar who continues to run his trap about the good old glory days. The guy can't shut up and pass out fast enough for the rest of us.

Shawn loves the money and the attention that being a football player brings (see Bro Hawk as example #1 or his videos here as example #2). Yet the kid doesn't actually want to play the game.

OK maybe I too am wrong for questioning his heart, but until he gets back on the field that is my opinion. As a fan I do not want to go through another season wondering if Andrews is suiting up this week or is again out with an injury (thankfully you don't have to pick an OL on your fantasy team).

If only we could get the current talent of Andrews into a body with the heart of Runyan.

Shawn needs to stop talking, stop resting on past performances, get back on the field, and be a dominant RT for the Philadelphia Eagles.

And why aren't the Eagles moving Stacy Andrews out to RT?

Stacy actually has game experience as a RT and was pretty damn good there with the Bengals. And the Eagles have starting depth at RG. In my opinion it's just another example of the Eagles babying Shawn. Losing your position to your brother would only lead to Shawn becoming more unhappy and we can't mess what that fragile ego.

Just play already Shawn. Be an All-Pro. Anchor the line. Give #5 time to make magic with #10. Make some holes for B-West. And for your sake, make all of us shut-up! All you have to do is play!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Maclin Troubles Equal Jackson Worries

Sure it's only preseason. But averaging a muffed / dropped punt per game is not a good sign for a teams' starting punt returner. Unfortunately these are the numbers that Jeremy Maclin is currently carrying.

Maybe Maclin can do a DeSean and contribute on offense this year. But his camp hold out does not make this fan confident that this statement becomes truth. Instead it's more likely that Maclin's greatest impact this season will come on special teams as a punt returner. His speed should equal many explosive returns (see the ball, catch the ball, and THEN run).

But it's still preseason so I am not overly worried about the kid. But I am worried that Ted Daisher is floating the idea of putting Jackson back as a punt returner on Thursday night against the Jags.

Jackson is a #1 WR. With Westbrook still battling back from injury Jackson is the Eagles' top offensive weapon. Such a player should not be risking injury returning punts in a meaningless preseason game. I do not want to see DeSean being the next injury casualty this off season.

Jackson as a punt returner should be viewed the same as Westrbook being a punt returner. Put #10 back there in dire situations only.

So come on Maclin showcase those hands and skills this Thursday. Make the idea of Jackson returning punts an afterthought. Let our #1 WR concentrate on catching the ball from McNabb and not from the opposing punter.

The Wisdom (or not) of Justin Tuck

Smart man that Justin Tuck. Or not.

In today's New York Daily News Mr. Tuck is quoted as saying the following: "The Eagles were our No. 1 threat to begin with." I couldn't agree with the man more.

It's a two team race in the NFC East this season. These words may come back to bite me, but as an Eagles' fan I am not worried about the G-Men or 'Skins this season.

Tucks also goes on to say that if McNabb were to line-up as a TE when Vick is in the game that he would of course take his shot at #5. Fair is fair and football is a contact sport. Can't argue with Tuck on this point.

Where I continue my disagreement is when Tuck says that the Giants will have figured out the "Vick packages" by the time the 2 teams meet on November 1.

To that I say good luck. Aren't the G-Men responsible for the saying "22 eyes on #36?" Vick can be just as dangerous as #36 in open space. And despite a game plan of 22 eyes on B-West I remember B-West leaving Pierce in a cloud of dust.

So many offensive weapons I am drooling over here. I can't wait until that November 1 match-up!

Man Up Mr. Vick

What, the bartender was out of beer? No shot glasses available?

Though the attention on Vick is VERY well deserved, for fans it is going to become extremely annoying to have to read about the constant scrutinizing of Vick's every move. Specifically his every off-the-field move.

The latest controversy surrounding #7 is his alcohol consumption. Reports are questioning if Vick drinking a pineapple and Vodka (should of went for the Vodka and tonic Mike) violates the terms of his probation.

A simple drink.

Sadly we should be get used to this coverage. The entire season will be spent wondering if Vick will remain eligible. This fruity drink is a non-story. But Mike's history doesn't have this fan confident that Mike will remain without controversy during the entire season. Good thing #7 is nothing more than a gimmick player. This season is too important to baby sit Vick.

Anyone else worried about possible protesters and drunk tailgaters this Thursday night?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Listen Up Sav - Free Advice

Think maybe Sav could use some improvement on his punting from last season? Fear not, Jerry Jones is here to provide some punting advice....

"If you look at how you punt the football, unless you're trying to hit the scoreboard, you punt the ball to get downfield. You certainly want to get some hangtime, but you punt the ball to get downfield, and you sure don't punt the ball down the middle. You punt it off to the side."

As an Eagles fan you can only thank your lucky stars that Jerry Jones (and Danny Synder) continue to run 2 of the NFC East's 3 other teams. With these guys in charge it will remain a two team race for the division crown.

Kudos on the stadium design.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vick (or Kolb) The Starter?

Scary enough...this headline could become true tonight.

Starting at tackle for the Eagles tonight are King Dunlap (who was beat out by a freshman his senior year at Auburn) and Winston "turnstile" Justice.

All joking aside I am honestly worried about the health of McNabb this evening. Along with the 2 starting tackles, two other starting offensive linemen will be missing from the lineup. And the unit will be going against Pro Bowlers Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis.

So what am I watching for tonight? Easy, the health of #5 and hopefully a lot of running the football.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Give Me the Other Brother

Don't go throwing away those Runyan jerseys just yet.

The latest news on Shawn Andrews is that he was in Los Angeles yesterday visiting the doc that performed last year's back surgery. I am no doctor but sending a guy with a bad back across the country is not a good sign. It seems like a last resort to this fan.

Maybe the doctors in LA are better than the doctors back home in Philly. And maybe Shawn and his bro-hawk will find happiness out there. As an Eagles fan we hope so.

But back to reality...we can no longer count on Shawn to help this season (again!). If he does play, well then, what a bonus. It is time to make serious plans for another season without Andrews.

Do you feel comfortable with Justice as your starting RT (he did outplay Peters in preseason game #1)? Do you think the Eagles should slide Stacy Andrews out to tackle and then insert Cole or Maxie as the starting RG? Or is it back to the past and resign John Runyan.

My preference would be to slide Stacy Andrews to RT since he has experience there and is younger than Runyan. Cole and Maxie looked good last season starting at RG.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Caring, But Not Caring

A couple of quick "hits" on this Monday morning / afternoon...

Since I have this T.O.-like curiosity with Vick I tuned into the 60 minutes interview last night. My takeaway from the interview was disappointment in the fact that Vick never stated his remorse for the dogs he killed and tortured. Vick was most upset about his lost contract.

Again I am excited for football Vick, but I am disgusted with person Vick.

Sure the injury to Dallas WR Roy Williams isn't too serious but based on last years numbers Williams and Romo can't afford to miss anytime this off-season developing their on-the-field chemistry. But as an Eagles fans let's hope Williams gets tangled up with a DB during practice and that injury gets a bit more serious!

I am off to Denver this week. I'll check in with an update on the thoughts of Denver fans on Dawk and Buck.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eyes on #36

We continue to monitor the every step, the every pass, and the every action of #7. But let's take a break from Vick-mania and move our eyes to #36.

The non-Vick news on Saturday was that Brian Westbrook is continuing his climb back from his off-season surgeries. He is taking part in more drills and Reid even floated the possibility that B-West could play in a preseason game.

At this point we are still unsure of what Vick will bring to the Eagles (well expect for a bargain for Mr. Banner). He could be a stud or he could be a flop.

With Westbrook we know what we get. A top-5 RB who can single handily carry the Eagles' offense to success (see Vikings playoff game).

Vick is exciting and will continue the hog the headlines. But this fan and the Eagles success we are all hoping for depends more on #36 than #7.

Just Play Already

He's alive! And he seems a bit angry! Shawn Andrews is pissed that reporters (and maybe bloggers, but no this blogger) are questioning his toughness.

Read the quotes here.

I am sure other fans are with me when I say, Shawn we wish you the best, but get your ass on the field.

The Eagles and us fans realize your immense talent. The Eagles got your brother and college roommate to keep you happy and motivated. Us fans love to brag about having an All-Pro lineman in the trenches.

Save your anger Shawn for the opposition and GET BACK ON THE FIELD!

Vick Means Santa is Back

Of course we expected the NY media to attack the Vick signing and of course if you are writing about Philadelphia you HAVE to mention booing Santa Claus. Thanks for not disappointing us Gary Myers...

"The Eagles and Vick, however, are just a bad fit, for a bunch of reasons. This is a tough, blue-collar town. They take sports very seriously. Sports talk radio can be brutal. Eagles fans once pelted Santa Claus with snowballs and cheered when Michael Irvin went down with a career-ending neck injury."

And remember the game the Eagles played Thursday, you know before we became Vick-a- delphia? Anyone else concerned that Winston Justice looked to be the better starting Tackle? Peters looked like a freaking turnstile out there. This fan wonders if he really re injured his quad or just had enough embarrassment and took himself on the field. Overall the OL did a decent job run blocking, but fellas, Mr. Reid is a passing guy!

But the play of Peters was damn good compared to the play of the special teams unit. Way to make a coaching debut Mr. Daisher...muffed punt, a return for a TD, missed FG, crap punts. And we thought Rory was bad last year.

Still it was only preseason game #1...plenty of time for improvement. And the whole Vick signing covered up the dismal play nicely. Shame the Eagles couldn't of signed Vick after the NFC Championship game last year!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Vick Day Has Arrived

Even though I still don't 100% agree with the Vick signing my interests are still peaked (to say the least) so I turned on the Reid, Vick, and Dungy press conference this afternoon.

In short, I am beginning to sway a bit on the Vick signing.

Again, this fan will never forgive or forget the animal crimes committed by Vick. But Vick has been given a 2nd chance by our Eagles and I am an Eagles fan, so I will support Vick on the field. I have other role models in my life so I don't need to look up to an athlete to learn how to carry out my life.

What this fan took away from the press conference...
- Vick looks to be in good shape (football shape, well who knows?)
- Vick looks to be truly remorseful
- Dungy seems to be a mentor for the long haul
- Reid and the Eagles seem committed that this move makes the team better

One signing doesn't make me not like the Eagles. The team and the sport let me escape from life's stressers. I will still be at the Linc cheering on the Eagles come NFL Sundays. If Vick helps in getting the Lombardi to Philly, well then he only adds to the enjoyment of my Eagles football.

Let the madness begin!

The Vick Questions??

So I am at the game last night and the guy at the end of our row stands up and shouts "WTF, Eagles get Vick!"

WTF sums it up pretty nicely for this fan too.

After an evening to digest the news I am left with a few questions...

  1. The Eagles have enough money to pay Vick but couldn't shell out the extra money to resign a strong character guy like Brian Dawkins. Dawkins symbolizes EVERYTHING that is good and right about a football player. Sure Dawkins might have been on the downside of his career, but aren't Vick's best days behind him as well?

  2. I recall Michael Vick walking off the field in Atlanta and giving the home fans the middle finger in response to being booed. Good luck in Philadelphia Michael.

  3. The Eagles are just setting themselves up for trouble outside the stadium. Protesters and drunk Eagles fans won't mix well.

  4. The Eagles have a tendency to struggle when the pressure / spotlight is on them. Guess what...the spotlight will now ALWAYS be on the Eagles.

  5. Does Philadelphia really want to be the fan base that will be forced to cheer Michael Vick when he scores a TD? Those cheers will make us fans seem awful shallow.

  6. With the current make-up of the offense can Vick really help? The Eagles already have a top-5 QB, a top-5 RB, a stud rookie RB, and too many quality (and fast) WRs to choose from. Unless Vick can play RT his value (even in plays of trickery) is minimal for the Eagles.

These are just a few of my initial thoughts. I am sure we all have our own opinion on the Vick signing.

Overall, I just think that the negatives far outweigh the positives in this signing. Of course everyone, including Vick, deserves a 2nd chance in life, but I just think Philadelphia is the wrong place for Mr. Vick's 2nd chance.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is crazy!.......And I love it!

Who say this coming?????
If you say you did.......YOUR A LIAR!
This is the biggest shock I've ever seen in football, right here. I was going for a run, when I get a ESPN text saying that Philly signed Vick. My jaw dropped. And you gotta' think, I was getting this text right when I was getting another text saying how bad we were losing (It wasn't on TV down in Tennessee). I was feeling the strange mix of heavy breathing from running, a little mad for losing, and shocked for signing Mike Vick.
But you see, I'm not a Vick hater. I'm a Wildcat lover. And I still have memories of DeSean Jackson passing to the wrong team in that Wildcat. So, I'm cool with this - more than cool. I'm diggin'...Mick Vickin'. And I'm going to act like I've never said that.
Still, it's not like we'll be seeing the guy any time soon. For the moment, he's in no shape to be playing NFL football. He's barley in shape to be playing High School football.

You know what I love most about this...the publicity. I love being front-page news. Sure, all the ESPN nerds can say that your putting on a big load when you get Mike Vick. But man, I love that were the team to carry that load. This completely over-throws any noise today's game could have made.
I wish I lived in Philly, I'd be going to public practices day in and day out just to see Michael on the field. You lucky Northerners.
Wait hold up, as I type this post...we're coming back. It's 27-25 (New England). Signing Vick was like our good luck charm.........'Nah! Everyone knows the Pats just suck in the preseason!

How Embarrassing!

This would never happen in Philadelphia.

Eagles Fans are the BEST!

Game Night - Things to Watch

In a previous post I mentioned that I'll be watching the play of Winston Justice on Thursday night.

What else in there to watch in preseason game #1? Here are a few additional players / situations to keep an eye on as we welcome back Eagles football.

1 - As with Winston Justice the training camp reports have been positive for Lorenzo Booker. The kid has been finding the holes, making the tacklers miss, and then breaking the big play. But hold the excitement. I remember reports last training camp about Booker being the "human joystick" and then we all saw the hype deflating during game action. So will year #2 with the Eagles be any different for Booker?

2 - The return game without DeSean Jackson. There is no arguing that DeSean isn't a difference maker on special teams. He was in college and he was for the Eagles as a rookie. If reports are accurate DeSean is on the verge of becoming an elite #1 WR. Number one WRs shouldn't be risking injury in the return game. Can Maclin be the DeSean of a year ago? Or if Hobbs isn't starting maybe he makes his impact as a return man. One of these two has to shine to keep DeSean on the sideline.

3 - Without a true #3 QB on the roster for Thursday's game I expect A.J. Feeley to play 2+ quarters. Despite being listed as the #3 QB on the roster, when Kolb is healthy, I continue to wonder if a strong preseason by A.J. would make Andy think twice about the #2 QB spot if McNabb were to miss any significant time this year because of injury. Kolb continues to look confused in the offense even during training camp practices. Despite his knack for the interception A.J. still gives this fan more confidence than Kolb. Now can Feeley reward this confidence?

4 - Put together a nice drive or two on offense and get the starters off the field. Get one or two defensive stops and get the starters off the field. Avoid the injury bug and put an end to the dark cloud (a.k.a. Banner Curse) hovering over the Eagles since the start of camp. Football is back!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't Worry Be Happy

A terrible 80's song it was, but regardless it is good advice to follow during the football season in August.

I too have become afraid to read the latest Eagles news fearing a report of another injury (Todd Herremans expected to miss entire preseason), but it's still early. Championships aren't won in August.

The players not significantly hurt should return by the season opener and still be major contributors this season. Sure losing Bradley sucks but the Eagles do have decent, if not good, depth with Mays and Gaither. Ingram would have surely been a bonus but he was a rookie and outside of DeSean how many rookies have made huge contributions in year 1?

So relax, enjoy the start of preseason, and hope next time you click on the headlines the news is about a player from the Giants, Cowboys, or Redskins going down for the year.

See ya at the Linc tomorrow night!

Is Justice for Real

The countdown is now just 1 day.

Anyone else getting jacked up for the return of football? Sure Thursday night is only the preseason opener, but for most of us it's our first chance to see the 2009-'10 Philadelphia Eagles. The team with the "NFL's best roster."

Sure the Phillies are in the midst of another playoff push. And we can't forget that Pedro is making his Phillies debut today. Regardless, just give me my E-A-G-L-E-S football (and please no more injuries)!

With the starters expected to play less than a full quarter this fan's attention will instead be focused on the RT position. The media had been painting this pretty picture of Winston Justice being a new player. There is now intensity, dedication, and fire in Justice.

But when you mention the name Winston Justice the the Eagles' fanbase continues to give you comments like human turnstile, draft bust, or worse.

So which is the real Justice?

Entering his 4th season has Justice finally turned the proverbial corner? Or will real game action again show fans the need and urgency for Andrews to get on the field or for the Eagles to go back to the past and sign Runyan?

So as much fun as it will be to hopefully watch Donovan and DeSean hook up for a TO-like preseaon opening TD pass the real intrigue for this fan will come by watching #74 for a few quarters.

By Chris Klinkner

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm pumped

After watching last night's game...I'm so excited for the season. I saw some awesome preseason action last night. The coolest preseason game we'll see all this year. I'm ready to see Philly take the field, I feel like we have the talent to make some real noise this year. I'm ready for some football, are you?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Player news

Yes, I have posted nothing of late. But I had some other things and priotitized. And I've been ill for a while now. Anyway, I'm going to try to round-up some of that news we missed, in order from oldest to the newest.


Yes, I know that you know this but I have to catch-up with the times. So, FYI Stewart Bradley is gone for the season. Got an ACL injury. A time-taking heal and a possible talent drain. I've always felt Bradley was underrated as a player. But he can't prove me right this year, he'll be sitting down at gime-time. Hope we can see him up soon.


This actually happened, the same day as Bradley's injury. So maybe it healed the pain a little. Anyway, 19-overall pick Jeremy Maclin was signed. Were talking 5-years, 15.5 million. With 9.5 guaranteed to the good mac in green.


Due to the lost of Stewart...we now have former San Deigo Linebacker, Matt Wilhelm. It's one a one-year, so nothing big. Let's just see how he holds up.


Former first-round pick Jason Babin signed a one-year deal with us. No guarentee he'll be making the squad, I think he and Wilhelm are both test linebackers.


This news is pretty recent actually, just yesterday Juqua Parker was busted for a small amount of marijuana. But, I don't have many info sources. Why? Becuase I'm using a school computer, and so many sites are blocked.