Monday, August 17, 2009

Caring, But Not Caring

A couple of quick "hits" on this Monday morning / afternoon...

Since I have this T.O.-like curiosity with Vick I tuned into the 60 minutes interview last night. My takeaway from the interview was disappointment in the fact that Vick never stated his remorse for the dogs he killed and tortured. Vick was most upset about his lost contract.

Again I am excited for football Vick, but I am disgusted with person Vick.

Sure the injury to Dallas WR Roy Williams isn't too serious but based on last years numbers Williams and Romo can't afford to miss anytime this off-season developing their on-the-field chemistry. But as an Eagles fans let's hope Williams gets tangled up with a DB during practice and that injury gets a bit more serious!

I am off to Denver this week. I'll check in with an update on the thoughts of Denver fans on Dawk and Buck.


bula said...

umm no offense to any dog lovers(including myself) but i think that i would be more upset about losing 130 million dollars than about killing a few dogs. it's horrible what he did to the dogs, not trying to deny that, but we're talking 130 million dollars. losing that amount of money would be devastating

GM said...

I think he did show some remorse and he definitely took responsibility.