Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Drink Up, Vicks Gonna Play

Get your pineapple and vodkas ready, Vick is playing on Thursday night.

Go ahead and call me a bad person, a person without morals. Whatever, I love my Iggles and when Vick on the field he's an Eagle (off the field = no love). This fan is excited for the show that awaits me at the Linc. And this is excitement over a lousy preseason game.

- Will there be protesters outside the stadium?

- Will there be drunks mixing it up with the protesters?

- How and when will the Eagles use Vick?

- Does Vick still have his skills? How great is the rust?

- Will the fans cheer or boo when Vick enters the game?

My Thursday night just got a lot more exciting. Vick may be a controversial signing but the man sure does add excitement to my Eagles. 3 days to go!

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