Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eyes on #36

We continue to monitor the every step, the every pass, and the every action of #7. But let's take a break from Vick-mania and move our eyes to #36.

The non-Vick news on Saturday was that Brian Westbrook is continuing his climb back from his off-season surgeries. He is taking part in more drills and Reid even floated the possibility that B-West could play in a preseason game.

At this point we are still unsure of what Vick will bring to the Eagles (well expect for a bargain for Mr. Banner). He could be a stud or he could be a flop.

With Westbrook we know what we get. A top-5 RB who can single handily carry the Eagles' offense to success (see Vikings playoff game).

Vick is exciting and will continue the hog the headlines. But this fan and the Eagles success we are all hoping for depends more on #36 than #7.

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